Write fearlessly.

Teach fearlessly.

Live fearlessly.

I help academics move beyond stress, overwhelm, and fear to create work that is fulfilling and impactful AND a platform for career success.

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Has your career become a struggle for you?

If you are like I was a few years ago, you can relate to at least one (but most likely more) of these things:

  • You worry that your work isn't good enough and find writing to be a struggle.
  • You experience anxiety-inducing imposter syndrome.
  • You are exhausted by stress and secretly worry that it will never go away.
  • You long to rediscover pleasure in your writing and think that if you only had more time, this might happen.
  • You want to be able to enjoy evenings, weekends, and holidays and not constantly be thinking about work.
  • You could use some extra emotional support as you write your book, article, or grant proposal.
  • As a woman, person of color, and/or queer person, you worry that the odds of a successful career in academia are stacked too heavily against you.

You might think that careers in academia are supposed to be difficult and that stress, anxiety, and overwhelm will always be present given how much you need to do to succeed (or even stay employed!).

This doesn’t have to be your experience. Academic careers can be full of ease. They can be joyful. They can even be (mostly) fun.


Start taking control of your career and finding your way back to enjoying it.

I will help you achieve the confidence to pursue your work fearlessly, gain the mental clarity to move through your career with purpose, and develop solid trust in your intellectual instincts so that you become more capable of completing your work and sharing it with the world.

Not only will you become more productive and efficient (with more time to also spend on things that are not work!), but you will fall back in love with what drew you to your career in the first place.

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I'm Teri, a career and life coach and academic

In addition to being a career and life coach, I’m a professor at a major research university. Like many of my clients, I used to doubt myself far more than was actually useful, and I would spend hours of precious writing days stuck in the painful trap of perfectionism and procrastination.

Three years ago, I discovered the easy-to-learn cognitive and emotional tools available through mindset coaching and this all changed. I learned that it wasn't the work itself that was exhausting (although I was working long hours and weekends), it was mental exhaustion that had me on the verge of burnout.

Once I learned how to accept and better manage my mind, my life was transformed. I stopped overworking and relying on comfort eating to dampen anxiety at the end of long stressful days. I now experience true enjoyment in every part of my job—from teaching large undergraduate classes and mentoring graduate students, to book, article, and even book-review writing, to departmental and professional service.

This complete transformation did not happen overnight. But with the self-coaching tools that I teach my clients, I no longer experience the ever-present feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, confusion, and inadequacy that prevented me from fully showing up as a scholar and teacher.


“Coaching with Teri has completely changed my relationship to writing. It all happened more quickly than I could have imagined. Within the first few weeks of coaching together I learned how to approach my work with curiosity and optimism after years of feeling only dread and shame whenever I sat down to write. It has been freeing to realize how much control I have over how I feel about my academic work.”

Sarah Stein, client

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